Raise the Praise

“Raise The Praise” is an initiative designed to make modern Israel a platform for worship to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Raise the praise brings Jews and Christians together in corporate celebration.
The goal of the “Raise The Praise” initiative is to:
  1. Produce large-scale worship events in famous and significant locations throughout Israel, such as the Caesarea amphitheater, the Masada amphitheater, and the Davidson Center on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. Such events will host thousands of Israelis and Christian guests of Israel, and can be televised to millions worldwide.
  2. Showcase both established and upcoming Christian and Jewish artists who produce music that uplifts and glorifies the Lord. Raise the Praise in the process of developing an online platform, the “Spiritual Coalition of Independent Artists” where upcoming inspirational artists can share their music and win opportunities to perform live in Israel. Raise the Praise also provides professional recording services to Israeli inspirational artists, and supports music production tourism where inspirational artists from around the world can come to record their albums in Israel and at the same time be a blessing to the nation of Israel.
  3. Sponsor more intimate, substance-free venues throughout Israel where young Israelis along with Christian guests of Israel meet together regularly for fellowship and to enjoy uplifting and inspirational music.
The “Raise the Praise” initiative was founded by Media Network Group in collaboration with Viva Art. Since 1988 Viva Art has produced some of the largest musical event on the planet, from Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday Tribute (with a live audience of 72,000 and a TV audience of over 1 billion worldwide, to the 1991 Good News Festival, which honored the first visit of Pope John Paul II to Poland following the collapse of communism (with over 1.2 million in the live audience). Viva Art partnered with Media Network Group in 1995 to produce the 3,000th Anniversary of Jerusalem for the Israeli Government, which helped to plant the seeds for “Raise the Praise”. The first “Raise The Praise” event took place in Jerusalem in 2002 in collaboration with the municipality of Jerusalem. With a live audience of 10,000, it set a precedent of praise. The next large “Raise the Praise” event is scheduled to take place during the Feast of Tabernacles in October 2012.
Media Network Group’s recently established multimedia network, Daily Israel, was created to shed light on both the activities of the Helping Hand Coalition along with the challenges and realities Israel faces on a daily basis. This is accomplished through publishing news-feeds and producing regular media broadcasts which can be shared by media networks worldwide, specifically tailor to the global Evangelical community. Daily Israel is also equipped to syndicate live broadcasts of “Raise the Praise” events to the world.
Media Network Group embraces the Biblical principle of Tzedakah (or charity) and works together with the Helping Hand Coalition of charitable organizations to raise awareness for and produce events honoring Israel’s poor and destitute.
Additionally, all charitable donations raised during “Raise the Praise“ events are directed to the Helping Hand Coalition for distribution to comfort these individuals, with special attention to the elderly Holocaust survivors living in Israel.
The “Raise the Praise” initiative is made possible by the Grace of God and though ongoing partnership with organizations and individuals worldwide; of finances, goods and time. We thank you in advance for both your prayer and partnership. Please contact our headquarters to see how you can be involved.

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