The vision of Media Network Group is to reach out to over 1 billion people through several ongoing projects, varying in size and impact. Within Israel, MNG sponsors and/or participates in the efforts of both large-scale productions such as Raise the Praise and other music festivals, as well as through smaller venue concerts, giving a platform to local artists. Media Network Group (in partnership with Viva Art) also involved in many large-scale productions and events internationally, including: mega-concerts, Hollywood movie productions, International religious and political conferences, etc. MNG is also harnessing the power of the internet, producing multimedia broadcasts through its online news platform: DailyIsrael. Through DailyIsrael, Media Network group is able to connect with both regional and international news agencies, which is a channel to millions. Because of Media Network Group’s partnership with the Helping Hand Coalition, as Media Network Group’s international presence and impact expand, so will the influence on and funding for the Helping Hand Coalition’s projects in Israel. It is the goal of MNG through the assistance of HHC to reach out to over 1.7 million people in need within Israel.

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